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britni allen

Britni has been a certified Nurturing Birth Doula since 2015 and a certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher since 2014. After the births of her two children, one ‘land baby’ and one ‘water baby’, both fully natural births, yet completely different experiences, Britni knew that her path in life was to work in the birth field. Since receiving her certifications, Britni has supported multiple families as a doula, and has taught prenatal and postnatal yoga classes around Dubai. Britni is a firm believer in the power of women helping women, and that great strength - physical and mental - can come from the practice of yoga.

  • DONA International Trained (in progress)

  • Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Counselor - Childbirth International (In progress)

  • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training - Sattva Yoga Shala 200-hours

  • Nurturing Birth UK Doula Training and Certification

  • Pregnancy, Postnatal and Mommy & Baby Yoga Teacher Training 85-hrs

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Education & Kinesiology, University of Houston


Elizabeth Bain doula dubai

Elizabeth Bain

Elizabeth is a UK Qualified Midwife and Public health Nurse who after moving to Dubai in (2006) made the decision to train as a doula in 2008. Elizabeth certified as both a birth and Postnatal doula with Nurturing Birth and Birth doula with DONA International (CD). Elizabeth has offered women and their families support as a doula throughout their birthing and postnatal experience and continues to encourage women around the Emirates to hire a doula for this important stage of their lives. Passionate about women knowing their options before they enter into their birthing experience, Elizabeth offers both childbirth preparation and hypnobirthing classes. Elizabeth believes that women should birth with confidence and without fear. Elizabeth has also trained with International Maternity and Parenting Institute to become a Certified Sleep Consultant for Babies and Infants. At present Elizabeth is working towards her Adult Sleep certification. Her love for birth and the postpartum period runs deep and will always be her passion. This year she travelled to Morocco to learn more about their Traditional Postpartum Rituals and hopes to offer these to the women in Dubai and the UK. Elizabeth’s’ Favourite quote is “If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” ~ John H. Kennell, MD

  • Nurturing Birth UK and Dona International Certified Birth and Postnatal Doula

  • Baby and Toddler Sleep and Kim West Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant

  • Adult sleep Consultant – International Maternity and Parenting Institute

  • Baby Massage Practitoner – International Association of Infant Massage

  • Hypnobirhting – marie mongan/wise hippo birthing

  • Baby and toddler calm practitioner

  • Mellow parenting & mellow dad practitioner

  • Closing the bones practitioner (Ecuadorian and Moroccan traditions)

  • Traditional postpartum doula (Moroccon) – working towards certification.




Erin Bowen, M.A. is a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula with Nurturing Birth and a Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor.  She has a background in mental health and has completed degrees in both Psychology and Professional Counseling. Erin has been working with parents and babies in Dubai since October of 2015. 

Erin has always had a passion for birth and mental health.  She previously supported at-risk teen parents as well as provided clinical services. Erin gave birth to her daughter in Dubai in 2015 and through her experiences, realized the need for education and support to help women and men confidently step into their role as parents and nurture the special bond between caregiver and child.

Welcoming a child can be an exciting and emotional time. Erin often encourages clients to discuss these emotions as they come up and often uses humor to create a relaxed environment whether it be in prenatal meetings, courses or in the birthing room. 

  • Nurturing Birth UK Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

  • Wise Hippo Birthing Program Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor

  • Certified Baby Massage Instructor (In Progress)

  • Closing the Bones Practitioner (Ecuadorian Tradition)

  • Master Of Arts in Professional Counseling

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


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Dina Ghandour

Dina is a Nurturing Birth UK certified doula and has been supporting families in the UAE since 2017. Born and raised in the Emirates, Dina is passionate about teaching yoga classes in both Dubai as well as on her retreats, and the power the practice can bring physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. After completing her pre- and postnatal yoga teacher teacher training, her passion to support women throughout pregnancy and birth stemmed from a desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of the clients she met, beyond the yoga classroom setting. She is also a trained Thai Yoga Massage therapist, and believes that wellbeing is holistically complex and unique to each person at each point in their lives.

  • Traditional Moroccan Closing the Bones

  • Nurturing Birth UK Doula Training and Certification

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training 85-hours

  • Jivamukti Yoga Certification 300-hour

  • Thai Yoga Massage


Jane Rushworth Little Feather Collective


Jane is an Antenatal teacher and a Nurturing Birth UK Certified Doula. She trained and worked in the UK with The National Childbirth Trust teaching pre-natal classes to couples and women only. Encouraging new parents to find friends and create a self-supporting group is at the heart of each of her courses. Supporting women postnatally with breastfeeding and emotional wellbeing is an important aspect of what Jane offers, as she believes nurturing the new mother is essential for her to be able to nurture her new family. Jane also believes that mpowering new parents with current up to date information allows them to make their own decisions about pregnancy, birth and parenthood.New to Dubai in 2017, Jane continues her passion of reaching out to all new parents.

  • Closing the Bones – Post Natal Massage & Ritual

  • Nurturing Birth UK Doula Training and Certification

  • NCT Diploma Antenatal Education


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Lala Langtry White

Lala is a certified birth and postnatal doula, hypnobirthing and antenatal educator. Lala’s passion for support arose following the birth of her four children, and in particular her identical twins who were born preterm following a pregnancy complicated by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. She is passionate about support for every family, whatever their circumstances, and is experienced in supporting vaginal birth, caesarean birth, VBAC, twin and triplet births, complex pregnancies, premature birth and babies that are tragically born still; coining the phrase ‘different doula support’.

Trained in the UK, Lala believes each pregnancy and birth is unique and knows first hand what it is like to have a complex pregnancy and birth that falls outside of 'the norm'. She is emphatic that individualised support be available to every woman through her pregnancy, birth and beyond, whatever her unique needs and birth choices may be.  She believes in nurturing and empowering women to promote positive, confident and joy filled birth experiences no matter what turn their pregnancy or birth may take.  To this end, finding antenatal support and education for multiple pregnancy lacking, she wrote and teaches Mighty Multiples, a comprehensive antenatal course to support pregnancy, birth and parenthood with two or more babies.

Lala believes that our personal experiences should be about connection not comparison and has a strong interest in maternal mental wellbeing.  She hosts a free weekly support morning over a home cooked breakfast; 'The Different Bumps and Babies Breakfast’ so that pregnant or new mothers who are feeling a little anxious or isolated have a private space to access non-judgemental support and information.

  • Birth Bliss UK Certified Birth and Postnatal Doula

  • Wise Hippo Birthing Program Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor

  • Mighty Multiples Founder and Parent Educator - A Complete Antenatal Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting Two or More Babies

  • Closing the Bones Practitioner (Ecuadorian Tradition)

  • Breastfeeding peer support with a special interest in breastfeeding premature babies and multiples

  • Lactation cookies made to order

  • Lighthouse Arabia - Grief Training & Mental Health First Aider

  • Stillbirthday Voluntary Bereavement Doula (certification in process)