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Whether you’re looking for long-term support or a one off meetings, our Doulas are here to help. We are equipped with a range of skills and services, have a look through below or get in touch if you need more information.

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doula support packagae

As your doula, we are here to offer care, guidance and support before, during and after the birth of your baby. Our standard doula package includes 2 prenatal sessions to discuss your birth preferences, what to expect in the birthing room as well as comfort measures.  Also covered is an “on-call” period based on your estimated due date, support for the extent of your labour and birth, and 2 postnatal visits to offer newborn follow-up care to you and baby.


Our doula support package fees range between 3000AED and 5000 AED, depending on the experience of the doula that you choose. 


There is often a misconception that Hypnobirthing is only for women who are seeking an intervention and drug-free birth.  The reality is that hypnobirthing can be for anyone and for all types of birth. The aim of our hypnobirthing course is to combine Antenatal education and relaxation techniques to help women and their partners achieve the right birth for them. 

Our four week program focuses on creating a positive mindset about birth using  relaxation, visualization and affirmations. Moms and dads will be provided the knowledge to make informed decisions about birth and are given the opportunity to discuss and practice in a non-judgemental environment be it group or private classes. While Hypnobirthing cannot promise a specific birth outcome or a painless birth, it enables the woman, through deep relaxation, to work with her body as she experiences the sensations of the birthing process and encourages her birth partner to effectively support her.


Group classes: 2,200AED Private: 3,500AED

*4 sessions including all materials, per couple

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Birth preparation Dubai


Courses will be for couples or women only and will usually consist of 4 x 2.5 hour classes. The couples classes will be in the evening or the weekend and ladies only classes will be during the daytime. With a relaxed and friendly style, the pre-natal course is as individual as you are. That’s because every course is tailored to the needs of the small group taking part.

  • Preparing for labour and birth make up around two thirds of this course 

  • Around one third of this course focuses on life as a parent, so you will come away clearer about what is right for you and your new family

  • Plenty of time to explore all your questions, hopes and anxieties in a safe and supportive space. 

All sessions are led by specialists, to prepare you both physically and emotionally for the arrival of your beautiful new baby. Sometimes classes will include teaching from our other specialists at Little Feather and may include a short session on yoga for pregnancy, hypnobirthing, or perhaps sleep and the new-born baby.

Classes cover the following topics: Pregnancy and birth choices, body awareness, relaxation, breathing and massage, what happens in labour, role of a partner and how your baby is born, pain relief, more complex pregnancies and medical procedures, including caesareans, water births options, looking after a new-born and feeding your baby, early parenting and lifestyle changes.

Schedule coming soon!

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Prenatal Yoga is a great way to encourage movement through safe yoga asana (postures) and breathing techniques that can be very beneficial during labour. Practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy can help to alleviate common pregnancy discomfort and also prepare your mind and body for labour.

We also offer Postnatal Yoga - a class designed specifically for women returning to yoga or starting a yoga practice after giving birth. The class will focus on a sequence of asanas useful for rebuilding strength as well as a strong focus on the breath, for both physical and mental wellbeing. The class will be “baby friendly” so you are welcome to bring baby along!

Our Doulas Britni Allen and Dina Ghandour are both certified prenatal yoga teachers and are ready to guide you on the mat.

For group classes, check out Britni’s sessions at Nilaya House as well as at Yoga La Vie or you can book private sessions in the comfort of your own home.

breastfeeding SUPPORT

Attending a breastfeeding session while you are still pregnant can equip you with the knowledge to help understand the physiological, hormonal and emotional process that occurs when feeding your baby.

We recommend that Husbands attend the class in order to obtain a good understanding of how it all works! You are very welcome to bring another family member or friend if your husband cannot attend.


Our trained post-natal Doulas are there to see you through those early days.  You can book a visit for a couple of hours every day for the first week or two or even request an occasional drop in to help remedy any feeding issues that may occur.

Take a look in our events section to check out the dates for our next class or contact us to book a private two-hour session in the comfort of your own home – the choice, as always, is all yours.




To lose a baby whether during early pregnancy, late pregnancy, upon birth or during infancy is unquestionably one of the hardest things a parent can ever go through. A miscarriage before 24 weeks of pregnancy, can be devastating to a family; whether it was a surprise spontaneous pregnancy, a much longed and awaited for baby, pregnancy following a fertility assisted journey or a complex pregnancy from the onset, we acknowledge that this loss goes beyond the physical.


Our grief trained doulas can be there to surround you with love, respect, dignity and support during the birth of your baby and will lovingly guide you in creating a Small and Mighty Babies – Love Through Loss memory box so that you can forever cherish precious keepsakes and memories of your baby. Following the birth of your baby we are there to ensure you are nurtured in your postnatal recovery and are supported in accessing professional grief support going forward. We are there to love, cherish and acknowledge your baby and your birth and will always be honoured to share with you the precious memories of your baby.


Having a baby born a little too soon can feel like an isolating experience and is nearly always an emotional start to parenthood. However, you are not alone; 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely, before 37 weeks. Whether you anticipate your baby/ies being born a little early or life has taken you by surprise, we are here to support you. The consistent emotional support of a doula during your birth can help ensure that daddy can go to NICU with the babies to see them settle in, while knowing that mummy is never left unsupported, and can act as a go between relaying information between the two. Whether it is helping you as a family to prepare emotionally and informationally for your baby’s early birth, comfort measures before, during and after birth, navigating the emotions of NICU, supporting you in hand expressing colostrum, pumping milk and/or establishing breastfeeding, being at the end of the phone and/or helping you settle in to life back home, our empathic team are here to support you. We are honoured to work in support of Small and Mighty Babies – Babies Born a Little Too Soon, the UAE founded support group for babies born sick or preterm, requiring time in NICU. Visit www.smallandmightybabies.com for more information.

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Developed over 2,5000 years ago, Thai Yoga Massage is a dynamic bodywork therapy based upon yoga and Ayurveda practices. It's a full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. It uses the gentle pressure on energy lines and the yoga-like stretching to relax the whole body on a deeper level.Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor; both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility. Sessions can be between 60-90 minutes. 


We believe in mothering the mother whether it is in pregnancy and birth, postnatally or after experiencing a loss. The Closing the Bones ceremony nurtures the mother and her body through the use of a long scarf, warming oils and massage techniques. This ritual can be restorative and beneficial at any stage, there is no time limit following birth or loss.

This supports the physiological closing of the bones focusing on the hip and pelvic area. The hips support the weight of the spine and head but can also hold the weight of our emotions such and stress and trauma. It is believed that leaving the hips “open” after birth can result in instability, hip and pelvic issues, leaking of energy, and unresolved emotions.

The ceremony also provides the woman a safe and nurturing space to experience and release any feelings that may come up for her.

We offer both the Ecuadorian and Moroccan Closing Ceremony. This ceremony is done in the comfort of home unless otherwise requested.  

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