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I highly recommend Britni Allen! She supported me and my husband as our Doula through the birth of our son. She listened to what we wanted and has a very intuitive way of knowing how and when to help, always following our lead. She is really knowledgeable and passionate about her role. She has a lovely presence and is a soothing beam of light when you need it the most. Thank you for helping us bring our little boy into the world and helping us have the birth we all dreamed of xxx


I couldn’t find the words to adequately express my gratitude, admiration, and respect for the work that Britni did and continues to do. As my son's first birthday quickly approaches, I find myself reflecting more than ever on his beautiful birth. And I think how differently his birth story would have gone had I not met Britni or hired her as my doula. Britni has a presence. It is one that is hard to put words to you, because it is more of a feeling that you get when you are around her. She has a way of softening and brightening whatever room she is in, whether it is a yoga studio, your home, or a hospital birthing room. Prior to meeting Britni, had you asked me what my birth plan was, I would have it said I expect my epidural to be waiting on me like a mint on the pillow. Britni never once pushed a belief or approach on me. She simply told her story and opened my mind to possibilities of what a birth could look like. Because of her, I had the most beautiful water birth I could imagine. For these reasons and so many more, I highly recommend her.


The most useful part of having a Dina as our prenatal Doula was that she opened our eyes to the power and beauty of the female body during pregnancy and birth. So many people lead you to believe that pregnancy is a 'condition' or 'illness' that needs to be treated by doctors in hospitals. Although I recognize that modern medicine has its time and place, the doula sessions and reading have made me realize that it should be for the few that really need it, not everyone. I feel more confident in my body's capability and much, much more knowledgeable.


There are not enough ways to express how much I loved having Lala with me. Not enough words to describe how much having her there meant to me, and how much confidence her presence gave me. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and helped me focus and listen to my body when all I wanted to do was give up. Having you to talk to during my pregnancy when I had my doubts or was scared, helped me so much and the day I went into labor, you were there every step of the way. Lala, you are an inspiration as a mother, a woman with a heart of gold and even though being a doula is your job, I never once felt like a client, I felt like I had known you forever. The care and compassion you give are so heartfelt & I would want you at all of my births even if it meant flying you to the end of the world for it lol! I am so thankful to have met you and to have shared this beautiful experience with you and I really can’t thank you enough for being there before, during and after my birth. 


The support and love during my pregnancy and throughout my birth was amazing. Dina was my Doula and my husband and I couldn’t have done it without her. She took care of us both and stuck to our birthing plan. I am beyond thankful for her


I was blessed to have met Erin before our daughter’s birth and can’t explain in words how much of a savior she was! Hypnobirthing classes helped my husband and I bond, breathe, relax and learn so much about how WE as a team can have an amazing and non traumatic birth experience.

Her warmth, patience, joviality and strength was just the most amazing support and reassurance I needed at that first encounter with the labor and birth fears. Without her and all the doula knowledge and support she offered to us my birthing experience would have been one of those horror stories with 3 days of labor, pushes for inductions etc from the medical staff.

Erin helped me stay calm, in control of the process, supported me in taking right decisions, informed decisions and oh god her pressure massage during labor was AMAZING 😍 Thank you for being my and my daughter’s angel and for such a beautiful bond you helped create between me and my husband! Recommend you with all my heart and absolutely not moving from Dubai until I have you near for the second bubba ;)


Lala gives you the knowledge and strength to make your own decisions for your pregnancy, empowering you to make informed choices whilst guiding you gently through the Wise Hippo program. This was my second pregnancy, having not chosen a hypnobirthing course before, I have to admit that I had my own preconceptions of what the course would entail. I was wrong and pleasantly surprised. I found the medical evidence and research into the benefits of hypnobirthing reassuring and the information given instilled a new found confidence in my body. The program has shown me how to relax and listen to the rhythms of my body, forming the foundations of my pregnancy, child birth and now post natal.